Size Chart for Knit Hats and Beanies

To ensure the hat you buy fits you well, measure your head!  Wrap a fabric measuring tape around the largest part of your head to find your head size in inches. If you do not have a fabric measuring tape, take a piece of string or ribbon and wrap that around your head - marking the beginning and end with a pen. Then, lay that string or ribbon flat and measure from the beginning to your ending pen mark with a standard measuring tool (ruler).

I make modifications to most of the hat patterns I use to create different size hats for our wonderfully varied head sizes. A hat meant for your head size will look and feel better on your head!  Every hat in my shop has its size listed, so look for the size that best matches your head circumference measurement for the ideal fit.

Don't stress too much about getting the size perfect, though - these are knit items that have a good range of stretch! If you get a size smaller, the hat will fit snugly. If you get a size bigger, the hat will be more slouchy. Going up or down a size can be a preference in the fit you desire. If you aren't sure, just stick to the size closest to your head circumference measurement.

100% Wool beanies will stretch over time. If your hat feels small when it arrives, know that it will stretch over time and mold to your head shape. If you feel your hat has gotten too stretched out, follow the included care instructions to wash it, then lay flat, and allow to dry. This should reshape it to its original size.

Here is the size chart used for Sarah Irene Knits:

X-Small is 19 inches or less, Small is 19 to 20 inches, Medium is 21 to 22 inches, Large is 23 inches, Extra Large is 24 to 25 inches and Extra Extra Large is 25 inches and up. For small children, 0 to 6 months is 14 inches, 6 to 12 months is 16 inches, and Toddler is 18 inches.