A note about pricing

You may be asking yourself how I set prices for my handmade knit items. A hat is a hat - why do some hats cost more than others?  It comes down to the supplies used and the time invested in making your handmade one-of-a-kind item.

Yarn is the largest supply cost, and some yarns cost more than others. For example, yarn from an independent small business dyer that is a one-of-a-kind wonder will cost more than something mass-produced. Furthermore, some types of yarn materials cost more than others -- Merino wool is more expensive than an acrylic blend for example. 

Besides yarn, supplies used include tags and sometimes pom poms (plus the items to attach them) which are reflected in the final price. Packaging, website fees, photography, and marketing all have an associated cost as well, although that is a small portion of the actual price you see per item.

Finally, several (or many) hours of effort go into making each and every handmade item exceptional. My hands knit the stitches and attach tags and poms, and that takes time to do it right. Thank you for supporting my effort in this small business!

Here is one example to illustrate the decision-making around pricing:

Cost of hand knit hat